Welcome to BASIS Prescott Boosters

BASIS Prescott Boosters is a non-profit organization dedicated to the support of BASIS Prescott through fundraising and volunteerism. The purpose of the Boosters is primarily to: (1) Encourage and promote the education and welfare of the students attending BASIS Prescott (the "school"); (2) Raise funds to support the objectives of the Boosters; and (3) Cooperate with the workings of the school administration and teaching staff in its efforts to promote the education and welfare of the school's students.

2016 - 2017 · Board of Directors

President: Jodi Weber
Vice-President: Beth Luce
Treasurer: Christy Young
Secretary: Tracey Yeager

2016 - 2017 · Volunteer Teams and Clubs

Membership Coordinator: Louise Mortimore
Online Lunches Program Coordinator: Megan Holdsworth
Teacher Appreciation Coordinator: Shawna Bean
Primary School Event Coordinator (K - 4th): Emily Dolan
Middle School Event Coordinator (5th - 8th): Nikki Amato
Upper School ASB Coordinator (9th - 12th): Sherry Agosti